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07/26/2021 - Ongoing
What is Athletes Soul?
Athletes Soul is your Team Beyond Sports. We are a non-profit organization which supports athletes during their transition away from sports, raises awareness about the challenges of athletic retirement, and encourages athletes to develop beyond sports. We serve athletes from all sports and levels and at no cost to the athlete with 3 areas of support: Education & Awareness: virtual events, courses, educational webinar, stories of athletic retirement to help athletes prepare for the transition and know what to expect. Individual Transition and Career Coaching: one-on-one coaching for retiring and retired athletes for up to 6 months provided by professional coaches who are also former athletes. Networking and Career Support: flexible and remote internships, networking between former athletes, career support to support competing and retired athletes. Our services are available to all athletes, from any sport and level, and for FREE.

Welcome to Athletes Soul!
We want to know a little more about you! Let us know how you got involved in sports and some of your personal bests. This will help us build out your Athletes... More
Panel Discussion - The Impact of Concussion on Life Post-Sports
Athletes Soul and the Concussion Legacy Foundation are partnering to raise awareness about concussion in all sports and its impact on life beyond sports.... More
Educational - The "Impact of Sleep"
Athletes Soul offers an extensive library of educational resources on wellness, mindset, career preparation and athletic retirement. This content is provided... More