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01/03/2022 - Ongoing
The Interview
Welcome to GMTM! We are a sports social network on a mission to connect Athletes to Opportunities. Whether you are a Youth, High School, College or Professional athlete, GMTM can help expand your opportunities. Participate in the Interview to show Coaches or Brands why they should give you an opportunity to continue your playing career.

Why "The Interview" Matters
The number one question we get asked is how do i set myself apart from other athletes. Our platform was built with that answer in mind - show WHO you are... More
Introduce Yourself
Tell us where you're from and what sports you play.
Why You Love Sports
What is your favorite thing about your sport, the position you play, the feeling you get when being on the field/court.
What Are Your Goals
What ambitions do you have in sports? Want to make it to the NFL or the Olympics, is there something else you have in mind as a career or life goal?
What Obstacles Have You Overcome
Are there any big life events that have changed your perspective in life or the game? What things have you done to overcome them?
What Hobbies or Extracurricular Activities Do You Enjoy
Outside of sports, what do you like to do day to day?