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01/22/2022 - Ongoing
2022 Girls Flag Football Virtual Challenge
Welcome to the 2022 Girls Flag Football Virtual Challenge! This event is open to girls of all ages, with all levels of playing experience. Join the community of flag footballers today, by participating in this challenge. Participate in the activities below and show off your football skills. Invite your friends, family and teammates to join the challenge! Let's continue to grow this sport and opportunities for girls across the country. By participating today, you'll begin building your brand, community and the foundation for other girls who are passionate about football.

Welcome! Introduce Yourself
Welcome to the 2022 Girls Flag Football Virtual Challenge! Your first challenge is to introduce yourself with a quick video. We want to get to know you... More
Highlight Reel Challenge
Show us what makes you a flag football game changer! Upload a highlight reel of game footage, practice clips or camp film you have.
Speed Challenge (40 Yard Dash)
In this challenge, you will measure how quickly you can run a 40 yard dash. Submit your 40 yard dash time in the activity below.