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06/25/2021 - Ongoing
USAW Coaches: GMTM Introduction
Welcome to GMTM! This is a virtual training to outline how to use the platform most effectively as a USAW Coach.

Building Your Profile
This video will take you through a bit more information about building out your profile on GMTM. Answer the questions below to get a jumpstart on building... More
Find Athletes and Coaches Through Search
Learn how to find athletes, coaches and grow your network on GMTM.
Search Film & Connect with Athletes
Watch this short video to learn how to search film on GMTM and learn how to connect with athletes through the platform.
Connect with Athletes interested in Weightlifting
This video will introduce how to view USA Weightlifting Combine Series submissions once you have completed the onboarding and are set up in the system... More
Invite Athletes
This video will go over a few different ways that you can begin inviting athletes to participate in the USA Weightlifting Combine Series.
Welcome to GMTM!
Suzy Sanchez, Director of Outreach at USA Weightlifting welcomes you to GMTM