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11/04/2022 - Ongoing
College Pole Vault Pasture Prospects
Welcome to the Skypolevaulter Virtual Show Case! This is for athletes who want to take their pole vault powers to the collegiate level. Show coaches across the country who you are and what you got.

The Interview
Tell colleges across the country who you are. What can you bring to their team? Who are you on the track? Who are you off the track?
Pole Vault Compilation
Put your tik tok skills to the test and market yourself with a video compilation of practice and meet jumps.
High Bar Challege
Show off what you've got on the high bars, rope climb or rings. For example: pull ups in a row, bupkas, skin the cat, candle stick, invert drills, kips,... More
PR Bars
Show us some PR bars! Show the world what you have from short approach all the way to long approach. 2 step PR, 3 step PR, 4 step PR, 5 step PR to your... More