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What is GMTM?

We're a social network for athletes, coaches, trainers and industry staff. We enable athletes from all over the world to connect directly with the industry's top organizations and professionals.

By creating a free profile on our website, athletes can compete in exclusive online events like virtual combines and online tryouts, virtually visit their favorite teams or work with elite trainers and other athletes who can help level up their game. High performing athletes can monetize their brand by offering online events and training of their own.  

GMTM is short for "Game time."

For Athletes

The more an athlete engages with GMTM, the more exposure their profile receives from our network of camps, coaches, and brands. We also promote top athlete highlights through articles and our social media accounts.

We've helped athletes not just build their brand, but actually accomplish their goals. GMTM users have landed scholarships at major universities and even become Olympians through our platform.

For Industry

GMTM is partnered with industry leaders like The US Olympic Committee, Volleyball Canada, various professional teams, major universities and colleges and even registered NCAA scouting services.

We help them discover, engage and evaluate athletic talent in every sport through our comprehensive SaaS tools ("Software-as-a-Service"). Organizations can host online events, training programs or other educational materials for free to increase brand awareness. They can also list them for sale to increase their organization's revenue.

For more information, contact sales@gmtm.com