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04/01/2020 - Ongoing
The GMTM Virtual
GMTM Virtual offers athletes a free opportunity to compete and be found. GMTM Virtual will launch various skills, drills and combine options for athletes to compete in. Each athlete will record themselves, and submit the video to GMTM Virtual to be SEEN and be EVALUATED by Coaches, Camps and Professional Athletes. While camps and tournaments are postponed, your recruitment won't be.

NFL RB Latavius Murray wants to see the best clips of you as a player. It can be from last season, 7 on 7, or fieldwork. Choose a video that defines what... More
COMBINE - Introduce Yourself
Welcome to The Virtual! Let's get things started by filming a short clip introducing yourself. 1. Who are you and where do you play? 2. What is your... More
COMBINE - Measurement: Hand Size
Let's get your current hand size. Use a measuring tape to measure from your thumb to your pinky and submit a video for the evidence!
COMBINE - Measurement: Height and Weight
What's your current height and weight?
COMBINE - Measurement: Arm Length
Next, let's measure your arm length. This is the distance from your shoulder to your index finger.
CHALLENGE: Trent Dilfer's On The Board Challenge
The mental side of football is just as important as the physical. We want to hear what you know about your favorite play. Talk about the overall concept,... More
COMBINE - Vertical
With measurements out of the way, it's time for the fun stuff. What's your vertical? Instructions: 1. Stand with your side to a wall 2. With your feet... More
CHALLENGE: QB Takeover Precision Challenge
How accurate are you moving outside the pocket? Take a 5 step drop and skate flat. In under 4 steps make a throw to a target that is 15 yards from the... More
COMBINE - Shuttle
It's time for the shuttle! If you can't get to a field, guess the distances in your backyard the best you can. Feel free to use common objects to mark... More
CHALLENGE: Blake Bortles Bucket Toss
NFL QB Blake Bortles wants to see your best bucket toss. The longer the better, the more creative the better. On the move or standing tall.
COMBINE - Broad Jump
Find a line or make one by marking a spot on the ground. It's time for the broad jump. Instructions: 1. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Arms... More
COMBINE - Three Cone
The Three Cone is used by scouts to measure agility, quickness and fluidity of movement. For this drill you'll need three cones (or anything) set out in... More
COMBINE - Pushups
How many pushups can you do in 1 minute?! Instructions: 1. ...Really?
DRILL: Crafting Linemen Power Ball Challenge
Coach Torrian Wilson from Crafting Linemen has a challenge for you! Let's see just how explosive you are by grabbing an 8, 10 or 15lb ball or object you... More
CHALLENGE: Charley Hughlett's Long Snap Challenge
NFL Long Snapper Charley Hughlett challenges you to snap the football like a sniper. What can you hit and from how far away?
Depending on how much space you have, measure 10, 20 and 40 yards. Tell the camera the approximate length you'll be running and get it done. Instructions: 1.... More
DRILL: The SportsCore Ricochet
In this drill, Rob Williams from SportsCore introduces the Ricochet -- an exercise focused on developing lateral changes of direction with efficiency. Submit... More
DRILL: The VTO Tennis Ball Challenge
Coach Vince from VTO Sports has a challenge for you! How fast can you run a 5-10-5 with a tennis ball and three cones? If you don't have a tennis ball... More
CHALLENGE: Mac Loudermilk's Coffin Corner Punt
College Football punting legend Mac Loudermilk challenges you to your best "coffin corner" punt. Can you make it 40 yards with at least a 4.0 second hang... More
DRILL: QB Invictus RPO Arm Angle Drill
The Run/Pass Option is becoming extremely common in college football. This drill tests your ability to throw from different arm angles and the ability... More
CHALLENGE: Europe's Elite Clap Push Up Challenge
We've measured your endurance with the push-up challenge, now let's see how EXPLOSIVE you are. Complete as many clap push-ups as you can in 1 minute.
DRILL: Coach Dubb 90 Degree Drill
Your ability to stop on a dime and change directions is what separates the good from the great. We want to see you do the 90 Degree drill from different... More
DRILL: Crafting Linemen Bend Test
Flexibility plays a huge role in the ability to move fluidly. Squat 5 times as low as you can while keeping your chest up!
DRILL: Crafting Linemen Mirror Dodge
Let's see your lateral movement! Do not shift your weight, stay upright and move quickly from side to side in your pass set.
DRILL: Alex Anzalone's LB Movement Drill
Playing Defense more than just tackling, you need to be able to MOVE! Let's see you change directions and move explosively in this drill from the New Orleans... More