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06/29/2021 - Ongoing
QB Summit: QB Training Series
BECOME THE BEST QUARTERBACK. NFL LEVEL TRAINING AT YOUR FINGERTIPS. Jordan Palmer, the QB coach behind Trevor Lawrence, Josh Allen is brining you in depth coaching content to help you get to the next level.

Down The Hash
A simple drill that will not only help you, but will also help your Wide Receiver ?#️⃣. Take a second to watch the explanation of this drill, then submit... More
Line Pop Drill for Quarterbacks
There are 4 key movements in the pocket. This simple drill allows you to work on all 4 of these movements while keeping your eyes downfield.
Learning Accuracy for Quarterbacks
It's not god given. It's not hereditary. It's something you HAVE to develop to learn over time. If you are throwing the football at any moment you can... More
Triple Threat Position for Quaterbacks
I want to teach you how to be a Triple Threat! I'm talking very literally. The triple threat is a body position that I'm coaching in this video. This is... More
8 Points of Connection
Want to throw from multiple arm angles like Matthew Stafford, Patrick Mahomes, and Russel Wilson?! In reality these types of throws are made possible by... More
First Movement Part 1
We are working through the hips, and the most critical part of your motion is the first movement. I dig into this movement for Quarterback and how to best... More