09/14/2020 - Ongoing
WE BUILD THE MODERN BASKETBALL PLAYER​ Splash Lab Virtual welcomes middle, high school and college student athletes (Ages 10-23) from across the country to compete in our virtual basketball academy training! We do things different in the Lab! Splash Lab Bay Area is a unique experience designed to build the modern basketball player. Using the most current technology, Splash Lab offers players maximum repetitions on our shooting
Splash Lab Highlight Reel
We all have em. The ankle-breaking crossover, the game-winning defensive stop, the poster on the defender sleeping... More
Splash Lab "100 shots" 3-Pt Challenge
We're looking for snipers at the top of the key! How many shots can you hit from 3 at the top of the KEY? You h... More
Splash Lab "Hot Shot" 1-min Challenge
Can you beat the clock? You have 1-min to make as many 3-point shots from your ... More