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08/03/2021 - Ongoing
Name, Image, and Likeness Training Series
After finally getting your rights to monetize your success in college do you want to jeopardize that signing a contract that you don't fully understand? Legal ramifications can be deep but there's a handful of key things you can watch out for to make sure you are making a good decision for your future. Watch the four chapter series below to get started and consult with a lawyer.

Chapter 1 - NIL Contracts, The Basics of a Contract
Lawyer Darren Heitner gives his guidance on navigating contracts in the age of NIL in this 4 chapter series.
Chapter 2 - NIL Contracts, Common Questions
Covering the latest deals revealed in the media and the ramifications they have.
Chapter 3 - NIL Contracts, How to Negotiate a Contract
There is always wiggle room - take this lesson as a few key places to begin your negotiations.
Chapter 4 - NIL in High School
Eligibility might still require that High School Athletes remain "amateurs" - this front is constantly changing and as such you should consult with an... More