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08/30/2021 - Ongoing
Injury Prevention for All Athletes

Avoid Injuries With These Proper Landing Techniques
Many times when we jump or drop from a height, we hurt ourselves from the landing. The goal is to distribute the impact properly and create as little impact... More
Preventing and Treating ACL Injuries in Young Athletes: Karli Korsch, PT, D
Loyola Sports Medicine senior physical therapist Karli Korsch, PT, DPT, discusses common sports-related knee injuries and how younger athletes can help... More
ACL Injury Prevention: 6 Exercises to Prevent Ligament Injuries
Rothman Institute's Dr. Tucker presents 6 ACL injury prevention exercises.
Return to Sport and Injury Prevention for the Young Athlete
What can your child athlete be doing to prepare their bodies and prevent injury when returning to sport after this long forced hiatus? Dr. Allison Crepeau,... More