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11/10/2020 - Ongoing
Los Angeles Rams High School Showcase

Character Chat Challenge
Talent and hard work is extremely valuable to every football team. Although character breeds leadership, teamwork, resilience and perseverance. Athletes... More
Football IQ Challenge
The ability to understand assignments, alignments, coverage indicators, blockings schemes, and pre-snap reads can lead to success in defining moments.... More
Offense: Route Tree
Select four routes to run full speed while catching a football or upload 3 of your best routes with a catch during a game.
Measurements Challenge
Please film and list your current height and weight.
Best Clip!
Calling all ATHLETES!! We want to see your Best CLIP! This could be a game winning catch or showing us your athleticism! You got it, we want to see it... More
Strength Challenge (Bench Press & Pushups)
Let’s see your strength in the below segments. Show your endurance and strength by maxing out on the below workouts. Pushups (as many as you can in 1... More
Defensive Lineman: Get-Offs
For these get offs, lineup in your defensive line position as if the ball is going to be snapped. Show us a variety of techniques that you use to beat... More
L-Drill Change of Direction Challenge
Athletes perform the "L-Drill" to showcase how quickly they can change direction. Watch the video above on how to perform the L-Drill and submit your... More
Defense: Movement Challenge!
Coach Rod Perry welcomes you to the defensive side of the ball for this virtual combine. Listen closely to his directions for each drill and compete with... More
Defense: Shuffle Drill
Calling all LBs and DBs - Shuffle Drill: Place 4 cones/items on the grass in the shape of a square. Each cone should be 5-7 yards from each other. The... More
Defense: Drop to the Flats Drill
Drop the flats, change your direction and get it done with burst!
Offense Step Overs
High Knees break tackles! Let's see your "step overs" in the form of film above.
Offensive Line Kick Step U Drill
In this drill you’ll have four cones or items representing cones set up in the shape of a “U.” Each Cone/Item should be 10 yards away from each other,... More
5-10-5 Lateral Movement Challenge
5-10-5. The short shuttle is a true test of agility and quick feet. Show us why you're the quickest on the West Coast!