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02/03/2021 - Ongoing
USA Weightlifting Combine Series
USA Weightlifting has a long history of producing Olympians and world team medalists who have varied backgrounds ranging from acrobatics to water sports. Most recently at the 2016 Olympic Games our team was composed of 75% transitional athletes or athletes that moved from a sport in college or high school to weightlifting. We believe that our next Olympian is out there ready and waiting for an introduction to the barbell. So whether or not you have lifted or completed a snatch or clean and jerk we have a place for you. Join us and find out if you are our next weightlifting titan.

Welcome and Introduction
We want to get to know you! Please complete the form below so that we can get to know you a little better.
Vertical Jump
Description: Standing vertical jump with countermovement to determine athlete power potential. Equipment required: Vertec or jump mat can be used, otherwise... More
3RM Back Squat
Description: 3RM back squat to determine athlete’s current and potential strength ability. Equipment required: Barbell, Weights, Squat rack, Belt, Weightlifting... More
3RM Power Clean
Description: 3RM power clean caught above parallel to determine athletes current and potential strength ability. Equipment required: Barbell, Weights,... More
30m Sprint
Description: To see an athlete’s acceleration mechanics up to the 30 meter mark and determine the athletes power potential. Equipment required: Tape... More
Overall Best / Other Highlight
Submit your overall best or alternative lift(s) to showcase your STRENGTH.