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05/04/2021 - Ongoing
USA Bobsled and Skeleton Digital Combine
USA Bobsled & Skeleton athletes have won 33 medals in the Winter Olympic Games and dozens more in World Cup and World Championships competitions. Historically, the team’s medalists have been mined from a variety of sports. Skills learned while competing in various sports, combined with a dedication to be a team player, can easily transition you to the ice. Find out if you have what it takes to become our next champion.

The Interview
Tell us about yourself. What are the sports you have participated in? What are you passionate about, what interests and hobbies do you have? Does the cold... More
40-yard sprint
Purpose: To see an athlete’s acceleration mechanics up to the 15-20 meter mark and observe the athlete transition into the upright sprinting position. Equipment... More
Broad jump
Purpose: To see an athlete's horizontal and vertical power of the legs with a look at balance and coordination. Equipment required: - Tape measure... More
Athlete Highlight
Purpose: An open opportunity to showcase your athletic accomplishments, past or present. Submit any athlete highlight to show the coaches why you would... More
10-yard Sprint
Description: To see an athlete’s immediate acceleration mechanics. Equipment required: Running track or Field. Procedure: Warm up properly to prevent... More
Vertical Jump
Description: To see an athlete's vertical power of the legs with a look at balance and coordination. Procedure: Static vertical jump from (do not step... More
Height / Weight / Age
Description: Please provide these mandatory metrics as current as of today’s Date of Submission.
Being an Olympic athlete takes more than physical skill - answer the below to help show us the type of mentality you have