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03/06/2022 - Ongoing
Transition Talks
In the Transition Talk Series, Athletes Soul connects with former athletes and give them the opportunity to share their stories of athletic retirement and transition. Former athletes share their experiences and give practical advice on how to mitigate the challenges athletes face when they retire from athletic competition. Each episode focuses on one athlete's journey after sports and a specific challenge they struggle with.

Transition Talk with Apolo Ohno
Olympic Champion Apolo Ohno joins Athletes Soul for our Transition Talks series. Enjoy this inspirational conversation with Apolo Ohno, as he eloquently... More
Transition Talk with Victoria Garrick
In this Transition Talk, former collegiate volleyball player Victoria Garrick talks about her positive experience of athletic retirement. She explains... More
Transition Talk with Kami Craig
In this uplifting talk, former US Water Polo player and 3 time Olympic medalist, Kami Craig, speaks about her decorated career and her ideal transition... More
Kristen Rasmussen
Kristen speaks of her journey, from being drafted and playing 13 seasons in the WNBA and internationally to coaching, and then her transition to working... More
Transition Talk with Rachael Flatt
Rachel Flatt, former competitive figure skater, talks about her sporting career, how she handled her retirement and her experiences post-sport. She reflects... More