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02/01/2021 - Ongoing
Cleveland Browns High School Showcase
All high school athletes, ninth through twelfth grade, who want to compete like the pros, join us at the Virtual Cleveland Browns High School Showcase in association with Xenith. The events will feature combine-style testing as well as position specific drills, including passing, route running, linemen work, kicking and punting, plus so much more.

Vertical Jump
This vertical jump is a great judge of a player's lower-body explosiveness and ability to create power from the ground up.
Broad Jump
Athletes need good lower-body explosiveness, power and flexibility. The broad jump tests these for athletes.
40-yard dash
For all athletes, breakaway speed can be the difference between a modest gain and a game-changing play. Participate in the 40-yard dash.
Bench Press
Bench press provides insight into the upper-body strength of an athlete.
Shuttle Drill
The 20-yard shuttle showcases a player's body control as he is changing directions. From a three-point stance midway between two lines 10 yards apart,... More
Submit Your Best Highlight!
This isn't just a highlight - this is your best, most impactful play! If it's a long touchdown, we want to see you separating yourself from the defense... More
Xenith Live Your Game Challenge
At Xenith, football is what we live for because it’s what you live for. We exist to elevate your game. Whether in Playing, Training, or Living – We Live... More
Most Athletic Movement
At the Cleveland Browns, being able to move fluid is a non-negotiable. It starts with your feet, having loose hips, and your head better be on a swivel. Show... More