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02/17/2021 - Ongoing

The Murph Challenge
The Murph Challenge is a memorial day WOD dedicated to LT Michael Murphy, a US Navy SEAL who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom and to save his... More
Navy Fit Week 1 - Arms
Featuring sets of pull-ups, push-ups and dumbbell bench presses, LT Mia Edgar's arm and back shred is the perfect Navy Fit kickoff. Just remember: no swing... More
Navy Fit Week 2 - Legs
Sailors are always on their feet—so it’s no wonder we live for leg day. Featuring jump rope and wall balls, check out LT Mia Edgar's Navy Fit workout for... More
Navy Fit Week 3 - Core
All our power comes from our core. Keep your discipline strong and fight for that 6-pack with LT Mia Edgar's 15-minute AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible)... More
Navy Fit Week 4 – Full Body
If you want transformation, you need motivation. From burpees to tire pushes, this final week of Navy Fit was made to challenge you. Join LT Mia Edgar... More