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12/30/2021 - Ongoing
USA Triathlon Collegiate Triathlon Virtual Combine
USA Triathlon is working to grow the sport of triathlon at the collegiate level. The purpose of this Virtual Combine, hosted by USA Triathlon, is to grow, inspire, and support the triathlon community at the NCAA level. The combine helps introduce new athletes to the sport in a low-pressure environment. The Virtual Combine is open to all athletes at the NCAA level, regardless of prior triathlon experience. Two sport athletes are common now at all divisional levels, so now is a great time to check out the sport if you haven't tried it before. Many athletes can also find success by taking their previous athletic experience and transitioning to the sport of triathlon. Swimming, running, soccer, and many other sports are popular cross over sports for athletes to come into triathlon. The average aid for doing triathlons is 65%, which means that student-athletes can get much of their education paid for through triathlon at this level. If you're interested in continuing your athletic career and pursuing a sport with tremendous opportunities, participate in USA Triathlon's Virtual Combine today!

Activity 1: Athlete Background
We want to know a little more about you! Let us know more about you and what interests you about USA Triathlon.
Activity 2: 100 Meter/Yard Swim
Upload information about your 100 Meter/Yard Swim. You must submit either a 100 meter or 100 yard time as part of this activity.
Activity 3: 1600 Meter Run
Upload information about your 1600 Meter Run.
Activity 4: Highlight Reel
Upload a highlight reel or a video of your highest sporting achievement. We want to see what makes you a top tier athlete!