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04/22/2021 - Ongoing
US Speedskating Virtual Tryout
The US Speedskating Virtual Tryout is a fun way to learn more about US Speedskating and see if you have what it takes to make it to the next level. This virtual tryout is open to athletes from any sports background, whether or not you have prior speedskating experience. Participate in the activities below so that US Speedskating coaches can learn more about you as an athlete. Let’s see what you’ve got!

Challenge Event #1 - Standing Long Jump
Equipment Required: - Measuring tape - Cones to mark starting line and target Procedure: Instruct athletes to stand with their toes behind the starting... More
Challenge Event #2 - The Plank
Equipment Required: - Stopwatch Procedure: Hold the body in an elevated position off the ground for as long as possible supported by the elbows and forearms... More
Challenge Event #3- 400M Run
Equipment Required: Stopwatch / 400m running track Procedure: Appropriate time and effort should be given in the weeks leading up to this test to incorporate... More
Athlete Information
We want to know a little more about you! Let us know more about you and what interests you about speedskating.