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05/31/2023 - Ongoing
Aerial Project Gold Interest Form
US Ski & Snowboard is America's governing body for the sport and hosts national championships and helps athletes compete internationally. US Ski & Snowboard is looking to grow the community and connect athletes with opportunities throughout the country. Project Gold Camps are progressive camps hosted by US Ski and Snowboard that are designed for elite level talent development in freestyle aerial skiing. Athletes with an interest in aerial skiing are encouraged to fill out this interest form. Get started by filling out the form below and earn your invite today!

Activity 1: Introduce Yourself!
Submit a video telling us about yourself and why you want to be part of the US Ski & Snowboard.
Activity 2: Submit a Highlight Clip, Flip or more!
Submit a highlight clip showing your athleticism. It doesn't have to be on skis or a board. You could be doing a dive into the pool, doing a flip on the... More