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06/06/2023 - Ongoing
2023 Virtual World Flip League
Welcome to the 2023 Virtual World Flip League – US Aerial Skiing Tryout Program! The Virtual World Flip League (VWFL) is a Qualifying event for the US Aerial Summer Nationals on Aug 26, 2023, and a US Aerial Team Project Gold tryout event open to any athlete U11 thru U19 who wishes to participate. ANY U11 thru U19 athlete with a current paid-athlete membership may submit a video (see video submission guidelines). Each age group, and gender, will have a compilation of all videos submitted. Video submissions must follow the guidelines below to be accepted for the 2023 Virtual World Flip League. Jumps can be performed on water ramps, airbags, or foam pits The only jumps that will be judged are Back Tuck (BT), Back Lay (BL), Back Full (BF), and Back Double Full (BDF) Video Guidelines for virtual submissions: <br/>-Jumps can be performed on a Water ramp or Airbag. <br/>-Only back tuck (BT), back lay (BL) back full (BF) and back double full (BDF) videos will be excepted. <br/>-Cell phone video is acceptable, but the higher the quality the better. <br/>-If using a cell phone, please use a LANDSCAPE PERSPECTIVE (cell phone long ways) rather than portrait perspective (cell phone up and down). <br/>-Take the video from the side of the hill, ideally from a judge’s perspective. Videos from the front make it much harder to judge the jump. <br/>-The video should include the in-run, takeoff, and landing phases of the jump. <br/>-Only LIVESPEED videos will be accepted. NOTE<br/>-The Virtual World Flip League judging is intended to identify potential aerial skiers and is an imperfect measure of ability. The virtual event is intended to foster athlete development and community and not serve as the ultimate arbiter of who’s the best in the nation. For questions or feedback, please contact Matt Gnoza – Freestyle Program Director, at The submission deadline is August 6, 2023! Complete your submission by participating in the activities below!

Introduce Yourself
Complete this activity so that our coaches can learn more about you.
Jump Submission
Upload a video of your back tuck, back lay, back full or back double full. Be sure to follow the video guidelines below for your submission. - Jumps... More