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New Rule Proposed for Softball 2022 Season

ByAlexis Peltzer-Harding

Published on Fri Oct 15 2021


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New Rule Proposed for Softball 2022 Season

The softball committee has met many times over the years to settle issues with rules or to best improve the way the game is played. Most recently, there are a few new rules that they have implimented to make games run smoother and ensure that they are fair.

Video review is something that baseball is very familiar with, however, it is just now that softball has recieved the same luxury. In the 2021-2022 school year, softball coaches will now have the option of 2 video reviews in a game.

This is a great advancement for the sport. Even small advancements like this can make softball be taken more seriously as a sport. Just the act of the committee working hard to improve the sport shows that softball is worth the effort and that it should be respected for what it is.

They have decided to allow video review because they have been testing how it works into a game for a few years now. They have implimented it in some games to receive feedback from the coaches and players.

The response was incredibly positive and those that were a part of the rule are advocating for its perminent instilation into the game.

A coach, likely the head coach, would be responsible for requesting a video review. This process will help with ensuring that umpires get the right calls because, as anybody who has played the sport knows, umpires can be wrong.

Video review is meant to act as a final deciding factor in a close call. It can be used for things such as determining if a ball was a dead ball, deciding interference, and in the classic timing plays with force or tag-out situations.

Implimenting this rule is meant to make the calls more accurate but it will also have another positive effect on the softball community. Most times, players end up frustrated with the sport in its entirety when game winning decisions fall on the Umpire's call.

Umpires are under a lot of pressure to be perfect for these ladies, just as they are in baseball. Having video review can relieve a bit of stress and will, with hope, result in people having less of a hatred towared their umpires.

Technologhy isn't perfect, so there are a lot of different regulations that equiptment will have to go through to be eligible for video review. Before each game it would have to be tested by a professional to ensure that it is in working order for the quick paced game.

While a video review is being conducted there are also rules that the players and coaches should abide by. Everybody that was already on the field should stay on the field as the review is conducted. The defensive team is allowed to warm up during this time.

The review request must be done by a coach and well before the pitch. This is to ensure that it is fair for both teams and gives the umpires enough time to pause the game.

Once the review is completed, it should be announced to the team. It should be stated that the original ruling was overturned or remains in place and the game should continue.

This new rule is a great addition to the array of softball tools. It goes to show that no sport is perfect, things can always be revised and changed. The hope for this is that the 2022 softball season is better than all before it because of this new addition.

Video review will reward the teams that deserve it and will likely improve the attitude toward games and umpires altogether.

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