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06/06/2023 - Ongoing
USA Bobsled Skeleton Training Plan - Prepare for the Tryout

This training is designed with 3 working days. Acceleration Focus, Max Velocity, and Change of Direction. Watch for more insight on the why.
Acceleration Focus Day - Movements
This day is designed to get you moving from 0 to full speed as fast as possible. Start with a warm-up activity like a light jog, a game of spike ball,... More
Acceleration Focus Day - Lifts
Power clean starting at 135 for 4 reps and increase weight each set with a focus on moving the bar as fast as possible. Superset with hurdle jumps for... More
Max Velocity Training - Movements
Max Velocity focuses on slightly longer distances and outputs than previous workouts. Start with a warm-up and stretch and move into weighted and unweighted... More
Max Velocity Training - Lifts
K Box Squats for 3x10 or Trap Bar hold at squat for 3x30 second Approach Jumps to measure your maximum vertical or standing vertical jump/box jumps can... More
Change of Direction Training - Movements
This day is designed to increase your agility. Start with a warmup sport or a light jog then go into stretches such as knee hugs and lunges. Work on... More
Change of Direction Training - Lifts
For the lifting portion of the workout do it as a circuit. Start with bird dog dumbbell rows for 10 reps and 6 sets Dumbbell RDLs for 5 sets Bench press... More