How to Make the Most of your GMTM Athlete Profile

ByAlex Rudloff

Published on Wed Nov 25 2020


3 min read

How to Make the Most of your GMTM Athlete Profile

Using our free site, athletes can increase their exposure with coaches, brands and fans by creating a free athlete profile and participating in online events from anywhere in the world. These virtual events range from virtual combines and showcases to remote try-outs and training programs. Each is hosted by top brands, camps, colleges and trainers across the globe. No matter where you are located, with GMTM you have the same access as those who can afford expensive travel and accommodation costs. We exist to level the playing field and give athletes total control over their athletic careers.

Our sports profiles look like the media profiles you're likely already familiar with (Rivals, 24/7, etc), but unlike many of these sites, athlete's have the ability to control what is shown and to whom. You can add the various teams you have played for, offers you may have received and even upload all of your highlights. Any information added can be restricted from public view and shared with coaches only or kept private entirely.

This profile is intended to help you throughout your athletic career much like LinkedIN might in the corporate world. Whether you're a high school athlete, college player, professional or even just an intramural rec league junkie, your GMTM profile is yours. It's your sports industry resume, the 'profile of record' for your athletic career.

How GMTM increases Athlete Exposure

GMTM currently increases exposure in three primary ways.

First, by keeping your profile updated, GMTM partners are able to discover you in our athlete search engine. Our search engine uses the latest in tech to help identify talent as quickly and efficiently as possible. The more data you enter into your profile, the more our algorithms are able to surface you in our search results.

The most advanced talent identification platform on the planet.

Second, by submitting highlights to your profile or by participating in our many online events, your videos will be featured throughout the GMTM media platform. Your videos will be offered up as suggestions to fans, coaches and competitors alike. You'll also become elligible to be featured on one of our many video podcasts. These podcasts are hosted by elite trainers, coaches and athletes and watched by many of the same.

Joey Grant and Max Browne breaking down submitted GMTM film

Third, if you mark your videos and/or profile public, they'll be sent to leading internet search engines and elligible for their search results. As fans, coaches and even potential employers research you on Google, they'll discover your GMTM profile in the search results. They'll see what you allow them to see, giving you a professional internet presence you can use to help build your brand.

Create a positive search result when people google you.

How to Get Even More Profile Views

Now that you have a professional grade media profile, you can increase your presence on GMTM and the internet at large by sharing it! Include your profile on your social media accounts and send your profile's url with coaches and employers through email. They'll be able to follow along with your career like they might with other sports profile sites, but this profile belongs to you, not your highschool or trainer. By getting more views, our algorithms will factor in your hustle and your content will be exposed to even more people within the GMTM ecosystem.

Make sure to tag us @GMTMSports so we can RT!

We Partner With the Biggest Brands in Sports

Whether you're looking to compete against the best at Elite 11 or you have your hopes set on becoming an Olympian, GMTM's got you covered. We've partned with some of the biggest brands in sports to make it easier for athletes all over the world to achieve their goals. It all starts with your GMTM profile.

Alex Rudloff is the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of He believes that UCF would have beaten Alabama in 2017 and he'll die on that hill.

Are you an Athlete?

With GMTM you can gain exposure with fans, sponsors, coaches and brands like never before. Ready to step up your game? Get started.

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