Quincy Avery Drops A Must-Read Guide For Young QB Recruits

ByScotty Jenkins

Published on Wed Dec 30 2020


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Quincy Avery Drops A Must-Read Guide For Young QB Recruits

Quincy Avery, NFL quarterback coach and founder of QB Takeover, has released an exclusive e-book for high school players on gmtm.com. The same coach who has worked with the NFL' Deshaun Watson and Jalen Hurts, college QBs Justin Fields and Trey Lance, and dozens of Elite 11 finalists is offering you inside information on how to impress college recruiters with your film.

“I wanted to put out a tool in order to help quarterbacks achieve their dreams of earning a scholarship," Quincy said of his e-book, How To Build A QB Highlight. This 20-page instructional guide walks you through what every minute of your recruiting film should look like and offers you insight from one of football's most revolutionary position coaches.

What you can find in his e-book?

Quincy's e-book is the definitive guide for how to build a highlight tape to share with colleges. From the opening snap to where to put your name, Quincy tells you what college coaches are looking for when they click on your link.

"With a highlight tape being the to most-used tool for recruits," Quincy explains, "it's key for it to display the right things and we've created step-by-step instructions on how to best display those skills." Within these steps, he illustrates the importance of storytelling and how critical the first impression is for a busy recruiter.

Where can you find his e-book?

You can find Quincy's guide right here on GMTM.com. Priced at $40.40 as an homage to the 404, where Quincy's career began in the Atlanta, Georgia,

And readers will not only gain access to his 20-page guide when they buy it through GMTM.com. They will also be able to record and submit their film to Quincy for his personal evaluation within the QB Takeover Training Page.

Is the book only for quarterbacks?

No. This book is for parents, coaches, scouts, and even players at other positions that want to gain some insight from one of the best teachers in the sport. The quarterback influences every part of the game and the more you understand, the more valuable you become as a teacher, recruiter, or teammate.

QB Takeover | GMTM
Welcome Athletes! We are excited to give you a place to find and upload training content with QB Takeover. Having seen thousands of quarterbacks at all levels, Quincy becomes your personal quarterback consultant to prepare you for any scenario a quarterback may face.

As a parent, understanding how the QB position is seen by college staffs can help you guide your athlete to achieve more earlier in their recruitment. For coaches, this guide can provide you with the tools to help your team continue academically and athletically at the next level. Stressing the importance of a highlight tape can motivate your players to strive for more in practice, the weight room, and the classroom.

For college scouts and teammates of quarterbacks, this e-book takes you inside the mind of a QB guru. The knowledge you can retain, whether you work with players or build a tape of your own at a different position, is essential in this day in age.

What are the experts saying about it?

“A highlight tape is a quarterback’s virtual resume. There are over 800 college programs ranging from Power 5 to NAIA to JUCO, who are all trying to recruiting the next great quarterback and these tips help you to get ahead of the pack."

That is Joey Roberts, current Elite 11 Director of Scouting. He knows what one moment can do for the right prospect and Quincy's e-book helps you to take advantage of every recruiter's time.

"College coaches have to cover is 15,000+ high schools, each with 4 or 5 quarterbacks," explains Roberts, "and Quincy's tips to structure your highlights properly is a way to take advantage of every recruiter that sees them."

You can buy Quincy Avery's e-book in the QB Takeover Training Page or gift it to another athlete looking to make a jump in the 2021 season.

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