A Few Of Our Favorite Elite 11 Digital Combine Submissions

ByNisshanth Perumalsamy

Published on Thu Nov 05 2020


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A Few Of Our Favorite Elite 11 Digital Combine Submissions

Finding a place to compete as a young quarterback was never as difficult as it was this last offseason. Without in-person evaluations, Elite 11 needed a way to evaluate young QBs over the summer, so they launched the Elite 11 Digital Combine on gmtm.com.

Out of the hundreds of quarterbacks submitting their virtual Pro Days from all around the world, these were the five QB prospects that got my attention.

Before we dive into the list, make sure you check out all of the Virtual Events you can compete in for free. Click here to see them all.

Dalton Biggs | GMTM
Athletic profile for Dalton Biggs from Cantonment, FL

Dalton Biggs looks like the prototypical pocket passer at 6-foot-4. But, his ability to escape the pocket with his speed is definitely next level - the 4.8-second, verified Forty time on gmtm.com doesn't lie.
Biggs is a class of 2022 quarterback, meaning he's got time to grow into that long frame and put even more velocity behind his passes. And with his acceleration and ability to transform any broken pass play into at least a short gain, colleges are sure to take a long look at this versatile QB from Pensacola.

A great passer with the ability to scramble playing some of the top defenses in the state of Florida? We'll certainly be keeping our eyes on Dalton Biggs for the next two seasons and beyond.

Chase Vaughan | GMTM
Athletic profile for Chase Vaughan from Milton, MA

The first player on my list is Chase Vaughan, a 6-foot QB entering his junior year at Milton Academy in Milton, MA. This 2022 prospect has already run clocked a 4.8-second 40-yard-dash and has a ton of upside left with a few more semesters of high school competition.

One of his most impressive throws is when he threw a go route to one of his receivers on the right side of the field. He threw right into his hands like Wentz throw to Fulgham a couple of weeks ago. All the receiver had to do was put his arms out and the ball went straight into the bucket.

Thomas Richardson III - Gilmour Academy, Cleveland, OH

Up next we got another class of 2022 QB. Thomas Richardson III has been grinding in the offseason and it has shown in his play. He is throwing darts all over the field and his receivers are for sure happy. He is 6’3 and has a 315 max bench with a 4.69 40 yard dash time.

His athleticism definitely goes to good use since he trucks opposing teams linebackers at will. No one wants to tackle and he will continue to be a defensive player's nightmare.

Atticus Soehren - Oxford Hills Comprehensive HS, Otisfield, ME

Atticus Soehren | GMTM
Athletic profile for Atticus Soehren from Norway, ME

The 4th person on this list is Atticus Soehren. He is our first class of 2021 Qb out of Maine. He was dropping dimes on his Elite 11 submission and has an offer to MIT. They offered him because he throws receivers open. He helps receivers live easier and could be one of the QB’s that Elite 11 is impressed with.

Brett Griffis - Broad Run HS, Ashburn, VA

Brett Griffis | GMTM
Athletic profile for Brett Griffis from Ashburn, VA

Last, but not least we have Brett Griffis. He is a class of 2022 QB out of Virginia who has an offer to Virginia Tech already. He is the fastest Qb on our team and he uses that speed in games to move around the pocket and make plays.

He is 6 foot tall and runs a 4.6 40 time. He still has plenty of time to improve and get more offers in the future just like the rest of the players on this list.

You can submit your own Pro Day to Elite 11 on gmtm.com. Click here to get access to Elite 11's Digital Combine and dozens of other exclusive virtual events!

Elite 11′s Digital Combine | GMTM
Quarterbacks, welcome to the Elite 11 Digital Combine!This is your opportunity to put your abilities on display and be seen by decision makers across the country!We encourage you to submit as many of the testing & measurement videos as possible in addition to your Pro Day Script. You can only submit…
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