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How GMTM Helps Athletes Get Discovered

ByScotty Jenkins

Published on Thu Nov 10 2022


3 min read

How GMTM Helps Athletes Get Discovered

At GMTM, we believe that Athletes shouldn’t be limited in what they can achieve based on their income, geography, or background. Through GMTM, athletes are able to digitally access opportunities they may otherwise not have had access to - whether that is trying out for a national team, sharing videos with coaches across the country, or just documenting and organizing  their athletic journey.

GMTM is a fully integrated platform that blends career accomplishments and athletic metrics with social interaction and content sharing. With everything an athlete has to show in one profile, GMTM is becoming the preferred resource for coaches seeking the best talent. And GMTM is doing a lot to help those coaches and top organizations, too.

A growing number of teams and organizations - that includes almost a dozen United States Olympic teams -  have made GMTM their primary source for new talent identification. Reducing recruiting costs and vastly increasing the pool of accessible talent, GMTM’s online events and integrated databasing tools allows coaches to see more athletes from every corner of the globe.

Creating a free profile on GMTM is becoming an integral part of the modern athlete’s story. A GMTM profile connects athletes with thousands of coaches, colleges, and brands they can engage with - all of which are hoping to discover new athletes to work with.

With a live social feed, integrated video databasing, and one place to display metrics as part of your athletic resume, GMTM gives athletes the tools to build and monitor their brand.

Gain Access To Camps & Showcases

Discover, register, and participate in local and nationwide events from anywhere. Whether you are competing for a spot on a select team or transferring your talent to a new sport, Virtual Events on GMTM help make the tryout process more affordable and accessible for athletes from any region.

Train Virtually & Advance Your Journey with Online Courses

Training courses hosted by some of the best coaches and trainers allow athletes to engage and collaborate instantly without being in the same area. Athletes can receive feedback on uploaded content, then adapt and improve with expert evaluation.

Meanwhile, every step of the journey will be organized and visible to other college and club coaches on the athlete’s profile.

Discover & Engage With Club Teams

Athletes can find organizations and teams competing at the highest level in their area or abroad. Then, they can engage with coaches and scouts to start the process of being recruited and evaluated.

From winter sports athletes seeking the best instruction and competition opportunities to talent-transfer athletes hoping to adapt their skills to a new sport, GMTM’s growing directory of organizations and coaches is unlocking more opportunities for athletes than ever before.

Attend Virtual College Visits & Meet Coaches

Taking an unofficial visit to your favorite college has never been easier or cheaper. College teams - from NCAA Division I to junior college - are creating a virtual experience for recruits on GMTM where athletes can meet coaches, tour the campus, and complete a prospect form to share their information.

Discover Exciting Brands & Sponsors

Now more than ever, the content and accomplishments of an athlete has measurable value.

GMTM makes organizing those moments and marketing them as easy as possible.

A growing number of brands and businesses inside and outside of the sports industry are establishing a presence on GMTM. Through their content and curated profiles, athletes can engage safely with those brands to market their talent and unlock new brand-building opportunities.

Try Out For Professional & Olympic Teams

Hundreds of current and former high school and college athletes are being selected to compete for their countries through GMTM.

With a growing collection of Digital Talent ID events and Virtual Tryouts, athletes can be evaluated and invited to train with the top teams faster than ever before.

Are you an Athlete?

Create a free profile to access the largest network specifically designed to connect athletes to opportunities. Get started.

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