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How Athletes Can Use Each Category In GMTM Feeds

ByScotty Jenkins

Published on Fri Jun 24 2022


6 min read

How Athletes Can Use Each Category In GMTM Feeds

Similar to the news feeds on other social media sites, GMTM Feeds allows you to customize your experience and see what other athletes like you are up to. Whether you are trying to get in touch with more college coaches or share more of your workouts and offseason training, GMTM Feeds is the best way to see and be seen as an athlete.

GMTM Feeds allows you to organize the content you see into six unique categories that are designed to help you learn and gain exposure. Based on how you organize your Feed, you'll be able to get valuable insight into how to gain leverage as a recruit.

Below, we are going to walk through each category to show you how to best utilize each one and help you keep up with the thousands of other athletes  uploading content to GMTM.

And with tons of coaches and new organizations updating their pages everyday, we will share some valuable tips on how you could be featured on more Feeds to help you get more views and attention.

Within your GMTM Feed, there are six categories that help you organize content based on what you want to do.

To access your feed, simply Sign In or go to the Home page. To add a category, simply click on it and your feed will be updated. To remove a category, just click it again once it is underlined.


The Submissions category in your Feed is the best place to see what the most popular Virtual Events are in your sport and what other athletes are uploading new videos to. Each submission in this category is being sent to a different coach or organization, as well as being featured on other users' Feeds.

Below each Submission, it shows the Virtual Event the video was sent to and has a Participate button you can click on to upload your own videos.

To be featured, you need to submit videos to Virtual Events on GMTM. The more events you submit a video to, the more likely you are to have your videos show up on coaches' and other athletes' Feeds.

Once you make a Submission and it appears on the Feed, you'll start to see your Video Views go up as other people click and watch it. This is a great way to see your name climb up the Leaderboard and gain exposure from coaches and camps.


The Highlights Feed is where you can showcase whatever you are doing on and off the field. You don't need to follow any guidelines as you add new Film to your profile.

Adding Highlights to your profile helps coaches - and other athletes visiting your profile - get a true look at your athleticism. You can upload game highlights with a Hudl link or even post videos from other sports you have a knack for. We've even seen a football athlete post his wakeboarding and waterskiing videos. Coaches love to see athleticism of any kind on their Feeds.

To be featured in the Highlights Feed, you can upload new videos into your profile with the Add Film feature. To find it, click the My Profile button to the left of the Feeds on the Home page, then scroll to the area below the About Me section.

Once you find the Highlights section, click Add Film and you will be redirected to a menu that will allow you to upload a file or paste a link. To create a new Highlight, you can record new videos at home or at practice showcasing your talents or you can paste a Hudl or YouTube link.

Once you select a video or paste a link, make sure you give the Highlight a descriptive title and a detailed description. Then, press Upload and your new Highlight will be added to your profile.


The Articles Feed is where you can stay connected to everything happening in sports and every new update on GMTM. Articles cover everything from Recruiting Advice to Name, Image, and Likeness news to conversations about coaching.

The Articles Feed is a great one to update often because you never know what you could learn or what new college program has launched a new Virtual Event. The Articles Feed helps you to stay plugged in and see news about athletes like you.

There are plenty of ways to be featured in the Articles Feed on GMTM. We are always writing new content about interesting stories in sports and highlighting athletes who submit to our Virtual Events.

One easy way to be featured in an article is to try to get on the Leaderboard. Athletes move up and down the leaderboard based on how active they are on GMTM and how many Video Views they receive from their Submissions and Highlights.

Another way is to participate in an Online Showcase or submit to the GMTM Film Review. These are live events that send your film straight to evaluators in multiple sports, who will give you feedback on what they see.

You can also email to inquire about writing your own articles and talking about your journey.


The Activities Feed takes you inside of the Virtual Events on GMTM and makes it easy to get exposed to new opportunities. The Activities Feed showcases new Virtual Events and share the most recent updates to help you know which teams are adding new content to their Org page.

The Activities Feed also makes submitting new videos really simple. Above each video, you'll see a detailed description of the Activity along with some information about the Organization hosting the Virtual Event. Below the video, you can click the Reply button to be redirected to the Activity page so you can participate for yourself.

Similar to the Submissions Feed, you can also be featured in the Activities Feed when you submit a video to an Activity within a Virtual Event. To find Activities to upload videos to, you can either click on the Activities category in your Feed and scroll until you see one you'd like to participate in or go to the Virtual Events page.

When you submit a video to an Activity, it will appear on your profile and be featured in other users' Submissions Feeds. Submit to as many Activities as you can to increase your chances of being seen by coaches and organizations.


The Streams Feed is where you can see some of the trending athletes on GMTM and be a part of the conversation with some elite coaches and GMTM staff. Each week, new Podcast episodes and Featured Videos are added that focus on trending topics in recruiting across multiple sports.

To be featured in the GMTM Streams Feed, you'll have to be an active athlete who submits to a lot of events. There are a ton of opportunities to do so and plenty of sports being featured in new streams every week.

Right now, the easiest way to make sure you profile is in the conversation in the next Podcast or Featured Stream, submit a video or highlight to the GMTM Film Review.

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