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Five 2021 Cornerbacks That Know How To Make An Impact

ByNisshanth Perumalsamy

Published on Mon Nov 02 2020


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Five 2021 Cornerbacks That Know How To Make An Impact

The cornerback position is not dead! These five 2021 CB prospects are about to prove you wrong!

In the past few years, every league from the NFL to Pop Warner have made efforts to make football safer. Defensive backs, very ironically, took the biggest hit with these rule changes.

While many analysts believe the days of the lockdown corner are behind us, a few standout prospects in the class of 2021 couldn’t disagree more. This is our list of the 2021 Cornerbacks making the biggest impact this season.

Deuce Harmon: Guyer High School, Denton, TX

The first player on this list is big-hitting, 4-star cornerback prospect, Deuce Harmon. Momentum-shifting tackles, combined with his overall athleticism and play, have earned him a scholarship offer from Texas A&M.
In the play above, the QB tries to throw a bubble screen to the left side of the field. Deuce snuffs it out from the get-go and delivers a massive hit in the backfield for big loss.

Jalin Shepard: Callaway High School, Hogansville, Georgia

Next, we have another prospect with offers from a Texas school, as well as Auburn, Tennessee, Colorado, and Nebraska. Currently uncommitted, 3-star Jalin Shephard is a ballhawk from Callaway High School in Hogansville, Georgia.
In his top play, the QB launched the ball deep downfield in Shephard’s direction and Shephard came down with a routine interception. Then, he didn’t waste any time taking it to the house for 6 points.
Whichever college picks up this uncommitted athlete will be amazed his ability to change a game in seconds.

Ceyair Wright: Loyola High School, Los Angeles, CA

Right in the middle of this list, we have Ceyair Wright, a 4-star prospect who is sure to be wreaking havoc for Power 5 offenses very soon. Standing over 6-foot with track-speed and athleticism, this CB from Loyola High School in California is drawing interest from big-time schools such as Michigan, Oregon, and Stanford.
The play that landed Wright on the list was a forced fumble. The offense completed a quick slant route over the middle, but Wright did what he does best - wreaked havoc on an unsuspecting wideout. After the completion, Wright pried the ball loose to cause a fumble and give his team possession.

Mark Wilson: Clear Lake High School, Houston, TX

The next best play we saw this week comes from Mark Wilson, a 2021 cornerback from Houston. This 3-star cornerback prospect from Clear Lake has proved why he's among the best DBs in his state, landing offers from a few Power 5 schools before committing to Houston on March 22. Wilson has a natural nose for the ball and his athleticism allows him to be a versatile threat at the safety position.
In his top play, Wilson was helping the cornerback by covering over the top and the opposing QB decided to test him. He threw up a jump-ball and the rest you just have to watch again and again. Wilson made an insane, one-handed interception while backpedaling to keep pace with the wide receiver. Plays like this one at the collegiate level will make Mark Wilson one of the most lethal defensive backs in the American Athletic Conference.

Josh Heverly: Amador Valley High School, Pleasanton, CA

Last, but not least, we have one of the most underrated players on this list. Josh Heverly, out of Amador Valley HS in California, is a 2-star prospect who plays on both sides of the ball - most likely because his hands are as good as most of the top receivers in his home state.
In his top play, the offense tries to run a trick play, but Heverly didn't even lose a step. He quickly made the read, tracked the receiver and came away with one of the best interceptions you will see at any level. Heverly sticks one hand up and makes an Odell Beckham, Jr.-esque interception.
But even after a spectacular pick, Heverly shows what makes him different by finishing the play. He is able to stay on his feet and take it a few yards the other way to improve his team's field position.
The 6-1, 190-pound Heverly is currently uncommitted with offers from Air Force, Morehead State and San Diego. But, if he continues creating plays like this on both sides of the ball, more letters are sure to come his way.

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