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GMTM: The Athlete Social Network Empowering Female Athletes

ByTiffany Allen

Published on Thu Jun 23 2022


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GMTM: The Athlete Social Network Empowering Female Athletes

For the past 50 years, Title IX has played a vital role in empowering female athletes. The barriers for women in sports have not been eliminated (yet), but over time, there has been slow and steady progress trending in the right direction across the sports industry.

At GMTM, our mission has been to create a platform where athletes have access to opportunities that they may not otherwise have had. We want to level the playing field and enable athletes to reach their goals, no matter their background, income, geographic location, or gender. Female athletes continue to strive for equality, and our network has been focused on cultivating and promoting access to opportunities for women in sports.

With a large variety of Virtual Events happening live on GMTM right now, female athletes from all over the world are leveraging their talent and finding opportunities easier than ever.

From bobsled to volleyball, and every sport in between, female athletes of every age are finding new opportunities to compete.

Here are a few of the organizations creating opportunities across the GMTM network and athletes who are leveraging their profiles to standout against the rest of the pack!

USA Triathlon

USA Triathlon is hosting a Virtual Combine on GMTM to increase awareness of triathlon as an emerging NCAA sport for women. The Virtual Combine is open to all athletes, regardless of background or gender, but is hyper-focused on increasing awareness and access to the sport of triathlon for female athletes.

Molly Wert is an 18 year old athlete from Scottsdale, AZ who has been a triathlete for the past 2 and a half years. She started out as a competitive swimmer from age 8 until age 17, and then transitioned into the sport of triathlon.

Elizabeth Stamey is a 15 year old triathlete from Roswell, GA. She has been competing in triathlons since she was 7 years old, and wants to continue competing with USA Triathlon at the next level.

Elite 11

Elite 11 is home to the nation's premier Quarterback competition. In partnership with GMTM, Elite 11 is focused on growing and supporting the sport of flag football among female athletes. Elite 11 hosted two female flag football Regional Camps in 2022. One in Orlando and one in Las Vegas. Together, GMTM and Elite 11 were able to deliver video footage from the two camps to the female quarterbacks who attended the camps.

Alexis Rabold is one of the standout female flag football quarterbacks from this year's list of camp attendees. As an attendee at the 2022 Elite 11 Regional Camp in Las Vegas, she received highlight videos and footage of her drills from the camp. Her GMTM profile features clips from the camp that show off her precision-passing and arm strength.

USA Weightlifting

USA Weightlifting has a long history of producing Olympians and world team medalists from varied backgrounds, ranging from acrobatics to water sports. Because their athletes come from diverse backgrounds, they are strategically focused on finding athletes who may not have prior weightlifting experience. They are hosting a combine series on GMTM that is open to athletes from all backgrounds. As with many olympic sports, they are trying to encourage more female athletes to learn about the sport and get involved. Through the digital combine series, any athlete can tryout for the team and get connected instantly with USA Weightlifting's High Performance coaches.

Jessica Maposa is an athlete who has submitted to the USA Weightlifting combine series. She is a CrossFit athlete who has started exploring weightlifting more seriously over the past two years. She is passionate about the sport and has the ultimate dream to represent her country in the Olympics.

Volleyball Canada

Volleyball Canada's NextGen Program is an important part of their Women’s Senior National Team and is viewed as the entry point for anyone aspiring to play volleyball for Team Canada. In 2022, the Women’s NextGen Program hosted a two step identification process. The first step was a virtual selection process on the GMTM platform. Athletes submitted basic physical testing data, a highlight video and full game footage through GMTM platform, for review by the selection committee. From there, 30-40 athletes would be invited to an in-person trial.

Bella Noble is a 19 year old volleyball player from Nova Scotia. As a setter, her career history includes time spent on Team Nova Scotia (2016-2022), National Excellence Program 2020 (September - December) and Dalhousie University Women's Volleyball Team (2021-2022).

US Rowing

US Rowing is a nonprofit membership organization recognized by the United States Olympic Committee as the national governing body for the sport of rowing in the United States. US Rowing serves and promotes the sport on all levels of competition. The U19 National Team has launched a virtual submission for all interested athletes to participate in. The goal of the program is to encourage athletes from any background to share their information and learn more about opportunities available within US Rowing, especially as a way to grow the sport among female athletes.

Lauren Peters has been a coxswain since 2017. She was part of the 2019 Southeast Olympic Development Program. In 2021, she had the amazing opportunity to be on the U19 National Team for US Rowing. At the 2021 Junior World Championships in Bulgaria, she coxed the Women's 8+ event and won gold.


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